The beauty of the journey begins when you decide to “arrange the journey”
Choosing type, time, distance, duration. When choose a “Camino”, time, distance and duration should be left undefined, but it is not always possible. At Walking on Francigena we want to help you to choose the most  suitable, with the most appropriate distance at each step, and the comfort you are looking for.
We want to give you those little tips that can make the holiday unique, that can make you enjoy shopping, how to choose souvenirs to bring to your loved ones, or take home the delicacies and specialties of each place.
All this, if possible, without weights and efforts, because your energies should be spent all in enjoying the journey, and not in carrying luggage or purchases …. We’ll take care of that, it’s our job.

With Bags Free you will only think of walking and admiring what surrounds you.
At this point, would you like to start preparing your next Walk on the Via Francigena?
We are ready, are you ready ?

Our luggage storage are in Rome and Barcelona:

Rome, Via del Castro Pretorio, 32
Phone: (+39) 06 4455792

Barcelona, Carrer dels Comtes de Bell-Lloc, 53
Phone: (+34) 938 33 76 99

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