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Francigena Maps
Francinena Maps

Inside Each Francigena Map you have :

Virtual Version (kml file to use with Google Maps)


Paper Version with Photos & Info


Each step is divided into many turning points

Each point you turn is photographed and inserted both in the virtual version and in the paper version.

At each turning point you will find the following information:

– coordinates of the navigator

– distance to go to the next point

– distance already walked since the start of the step

– distance to walk to the end of the step.


In the virtual version, a .kml file for Google Map, you have only to follow the path.

When there is no internet line, or position reception, very frequently along the Via Francigena, use the paper version


In the paper version you find all the Turning Points with relative photos and all the info.
A first full map of the steps.
Then the step is subdivided and enlarged, giving all the necessary reference points to understand exactly where you are.

Each paper map is composed of:

– legend

– whole map

– magnification (from 5 to 15 sheets)

– additional pages dedicated to information of facilities and services located during the step

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